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tl;dr I am not going to be editing these episodes, so please bare with me.

Although, if you want me to reflect on it a bit more, there’s a reason for making the active choice to not edit these episodes. Part of that decision is based on efficiency, as I work through these episodes I am trying to take all the ideas swirling around in my head and pluck a single one that I can try to break down and pick apart within a quick 10 minutes—maybe a little more, or a little less. I could definitely try to get to that same time constraint by recording a bunch of material and whittling it down to fit the space required, but with that approach I feel like you lose all the nuance on the topic, and you don’t get to hear the gears grind through the topic. Also, recording 30 minutes or an hour of material and trying to edit it neatly into a 10 minute episode that sounds fluid and coherent sounds like a miserable task, that I both don’t have the patience, nor the time to take on.

So, please bare with me if I happen to misspeak or mispronounce a few things from time-to-time. I hope the core ideas ring through and you are still able to take away something. And, along those lines, I go into my OCD approach to listening to albums and podcasts, and recommend that if you do intend on listening to multiple episodes of this podcast, that you should try to do that from the earliest episode and listen until the current/last episode. Just a recommendation, you do you, but from my experience with other episodes, I will probably be referencing either ideas or projects from the past, or may even come up with some made up word that I reference from an earlier show, so listening to them chronologically will probably reduce the confusion level as those pop up.

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00:00 - 00:23

Hey. This is Ryan Hefner, and this is the All Play podcast. So I wanted to kinda this is like a little interlude episode that I just wanted to get out there just so that it was kinda stated and known. If you can tell by the trailer and the first two episodes, there really there's no edits. That's, like, the first and foremost thing.

00:25 - 01:00

And and that's, I guess, there's a couple reasons leading into why there are no edits in those episodes. I think the first one is if I was to have to sit down and edit each one of these episodes, that could obviously get really tedious. And I'm trying to keep these things really short as is, and so I don't really think there's a need to edit them. I'm also trying to, I guess, get my points out as succinctly as possible in a, you know, a condensed manner. So hopefully, I'm kind of almost doing like a self edit in my head as I'm talking through this stuff.

01:00 - 01:28

Obviously, that can be difficult. And so you will notice that I probably will sometimes mispronounce things or shorten stuff as I'm talking, and I'm not going back and correcting that stuff as I'm saying it nor am I going back and correcting it in post. It's kind of intentional. Not really intentional. It's it's a product of, I guess, the process or the the approach that I'm trying to take with this podcast.

01:28 - 02:07

So just wanna get that out there if some of my pronunciations or, references to things aren't a 100% correct. It's it's because of that, and I'll try to go back and address those as they come up. So for instance, in my discussion regarding, VirtualBox and the VMs that I have, that I had my previous Laravel projects in. I think I referred to them as m's at one point as opposed to VMs or virtual machines or machines. I think I was also talking about, you know, the Apple Silicon Apple Silicon Chips.

02:09 - 02:37

And also reference that I hadn't updated my machine or my computer essentially. So little things like that. Granted, I not to say that, anyone's really gonna call those out, but if if you were one of the people who maybe caught those or took issues or anything like that, not to say that this happened because this product cast doesn't even out yet on this podcast. But, yeah, I just wanna get that out there. No edits.

02:38 - 03:01

Also, I didn't really I don't think I touched on this on the trailer. I probably should. Maybe I'll go back and rerecord the the trailer and then post that up as like a like a bonus episode or something. But, the I guess at heart, I'm really, I get not even at heart. I don't know.

03:01 - 03:35

At OCD or at whatever. Whatever is fueling the reason how I make my decisions and whatnot. I'm a completionist at at the end of the day. And so with that, I also think that you as a listener should probably take like a completionist approach at listening to this podcast. I think if you were to listen to this in reverse chronological order, depending on which episode you dive into and potentially start listening backwards, it's gonna tell a completely different story versus kinda starting out from this beginning and following it through to the end.

03:36 - 04:15

And, much like how I like to listen to my albums as well as my podcast, and unfortunately, some of the podcasts that I'm listening to right now are several years old. So the references that are happening in them aren't always relevant for today, and also I'm not really up to date on what their current viewpoints are. But I do think there is something to be said for listening to something from start to finish and kind of like in its totality. So I would recommend that you list start from the first episode, and you go into the settings and override the defaults and go from oldest to newest. But yeah.

04:15 - 04:25

I mean, you do you. You know, I'm not not gonna make that choice for you, but it's just a recommendation. And yeah. I think that's where I'm gonna leave this one for this. You know?

04:25 - 05:19

No edits. Listed front to back. I apologize if I mis-speak during any of these, and I will, you know, try to do my best to keep these as free as possible. But I do think there is something I guess, maybe a second note on the no edits thing is I do think there's actually is a lot of information that can be conveyed in a long pause or a sigh or or an um, or whatever ends up being a tick or something where you can tell that person is trying to figure out what they're trying to say. And if you just edit all those out, sure, it sounds great, but I don't think you're really getting the true state of, like, what that person is saying.

05:19 - 05:44

And then granted, you know, that probably doesn't make sense for, like, an NPR style podcast, but this is not an NPR style podcast. This is more of a stream of consciousness. We're just trying to get stuff out there and seeing how things go and iterating and improvising and whatever else. So I'm gonna leave it at that. This one's definitely under 10 minutes.

05:44 - 06:04

I'm gonna try to keep them all at 10 minutes. Obviously, if it's under, it's even better. But, yeah. No edits. Try to listen to it in chronological order, and I hope I hope you'll hang around for my imperfect podcast.

06:05 - 06:42

Alright. Once again, I'm Ryan Hefner. You can find me on Twitter at Ryan Hefner, and you can follow along, for podcast updates, at allplayfm on Twitter and then also at allplay.fm. Actually, a little side note, I'm was betting on, you know, doing different things with whether or not I was gonna just use the transistor site or potentially spin up my own site. I'm actually gonna be doing my own site and that will be another topic for another podcast that I will probably be recording very soon.

06:42 - 06:47

So stay tuned. Alright. Have a great one. Later.

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